Adult Programs

Power for All designs programs for adults and seniors. We implement a variety of adaptations, devices and tools and can accommodate disabilities in the areas of physical, cognitive, psycho-social, developmental, etc. We also welcome individuals living with chronic conditions, recovering from chemotherapy, etc. We offer holistic care by addressing the needs, goals and concerns within the scope of occupational therapy but also have built partnerships with a variety of other health care and community providers so that we can extend referrals when applicable to our clients to enhance their journey to health and wellness.


Paddle Boards and Kayaks are adapted as needed to compensate for any function the paddler has lost due to disability. While an adaptation may be made to the paddle grip or the seating support, the sport of paddling is not changed. Our Adaptive paddling programs are committed to providing full integration for anyone with a disability through the intentional use of equipment, teaching styles, and paddling locations. This ensures that we meet each paddler’s needs. Bursaries area available for all ages to have access to our programs. 

Certified staff and volunteers will instruct clients on how to use the adaptive paddling equipment in a fully inclusive paddling program. Clients with physical, cognitive, psycho-social and/or chronic conditions are welcomed to our programs. Individuals can book sessions with Power For All. The program goals are related to the basics of physical literacy, sensory and motor development. Balance, coordination, physical strength and endurance, socialization and integration goals, executive function skills, are just a few of the goals that our clients work towards when engaged in our programs.

What do the programs offer?

Power For All is pleased to offer opportunities for clients with physical, cognitive and psycho-social challenges. The programs are delivered by a registered occupational therapist and volunteers who work in a variety of disciplines with clients of different abilities. . Efforts are made to use adventure as an innovative medium for therapy. Many children and youth in our programs have tried Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Kayaking for the first time and they have reported to feel “a sense of mastery and normalizing of ability”. Caregivers, parents have also reported that children learn “social and interpersonal skills, problem-solving, self-management and skills such as helping others and community integration. Clinicians have complimented our organization for the purposeful selection of quality equipment and teaching approaches. The variety of devices and teaching adaptations we use enable clients to practice physical activities essential to daily living such as seating, feeding, transferring, activity endurance, to name a few. These are all instrumental skills for the job of living. Additionally, if you are working with a treatment team in the community or at school, we are happy to collaborate with them to continue to help your child/youth achieve their treatment goals as they participate in our programs. We sincerely hope that you consider our programs as a therapeutic medium for you this summer to continue to grow, develop and progress in your goals.

Who can attend?

Children with physical, cognitive and psycho-social challenges. Examples of some of the diagnosis are: Developmental Coordination Disorder, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Learning Disabilities, Down Syndrome, Depression, Anxiety, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, etc.

What kind of adaptations are made? Adaptations are made for physical, cognitive and psycho-social challenges.