Assessment Services

At Power for All our occupational therapists and other professionals are equipped to offer a range of assessment and/or screening services to families for individual children and youth as well as early years programs, whole classrooms, etc. 

All of the Assessments and Screens described below can be done for individuals, groups of children in a program or classroom, etc. 

These services can help to get you started in the journey of advocacy for your children and youth. Some of the ways the information obtained can be used for is to advocate for a certain diagnosis, a range of accommodations or specific referrals to certain programs or services. 

Below is a list of some of the commonly requested assessments and screens: 

  • Neuro-Developmental screens and assessments
  • Sensory assessments and screens and building of a profile
  • Gross Motor and/or fine Motor assessments and profiles
  • Screens for Developmental coordination disorder
  • Executive function assessments and screens
  • Visual motor assessments and screens
  • Self regulation and interoception assessments and screens
  • Adaptive skills and function skills for activities of daily living. 


For more information or any other specific assessments or screens please contact us at