At Power For All we seek to be accountable to our funders, partners and clients. Ongoing evaluation of outcomes is part of our everyday programming. Clients that attend our program as well as clinicians and therapists provide us with pre and post questionnaires from which we are able to review the efficiency and effectiveness of our programs.

The department of Occupational therapy and occupational science conducted a research study to learn about the experiences of paddlers in adventure programs and these are their findings:



Some of the benefits identified by our clients in post session questionnaires are:

– feeling more energetic

– less depressed

– less anxious, feeling less stress

– increase confidence

– increase knowledge of healthy living strategies

– more aware of nature and how recreation activities can affect mood positively

– develop social connections

– feeling a sense of commitment to something

– increase comfort in groups

– discover something new about yourself

– feeling excited about recreation activities

– more confident in groups




What our clients and partners have said about our programs:

– “the program was very helpful”

– “I was happy to have the chance to join the activity and hope to be able to participate next time around”

– “I wish the session was longer and we had more time”

– “after first session I cried — this was the most fun I have had in sooooo long. That 40 minutes on the water was the most relaxed I’ve been that I can remember”

– “I learned how to kayak efficiently”

– “I learned paddling skills -life skills” not being afraid of water”

– “I wished to talk more with new people”

– “I feel better about myself, like I can do things”

– “I stayed home and did not have social connections but after attending PFA programs for a few years, I started volunteering as a kayak buddy. I learned a lot of skills in dealing with people, with clients, getting things organized. I am now volunteering in my community.”

– “I take less medication for psychosis, I feel more relaxed.”



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