Board of Directors 2018

Alex Thompson is the executive director and founder of Power For All. With the help of amazing mentors and partners, the vision of bringing adventure access and innovative therapy to all abilities materialized with the creation of PFA. With a background in education, outdoor recreation, adventure therapy and occupational therapy, Alex shares her passion and knowledge of the outdoors with clients of all ages and abilities in her work with PFA. Every client and seeing their engagement in every session is an incredible privilege and a source of inspiration that keeps Alex fired up. Alex believes that Adventure should be accessible to All and that we should each challenge societal stigmas related to disability every chance we get. This is what her work with PFA is grounded on.

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Brent Thompson is a high school teacher, currently with the Mission Public School District. After 20 years of experience working with youth and young adults, he is still excited to motivate and encourage, inspiring others to step beyond boundaries to try something new or challenging! Power For All has provided Brent the opportunity to build relationships designed to utilize these gifts and especially aid in the organization of group sessions during the summer. He is proud to support PFA and his wife, Alex, as she leads the way as a pioneer for Adventure Therapy in Canada.

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Lindsey has enjoyed empowering individuals with all levels of ability to learn new skills and to engage in activity. She has volunteered with various organizations including Special Olympics BC, Disabled Association of Sailing BC, UBC Aphasia camp, as well as Easter Seals camp on Vancouver Island. She has also spent many years in and around the pool, working as a lifeguard, a swimming instructor, and aqua therapist. After graduating as an Occupational Therapist from the University of British Columbia, Lindsey gained experience working in the hospital, residential care, and community practice settings.  Currently, Lindsey works in Surrey with individuals living with chronic pain and enables them to maximize their level of functioning. Lindsey is happiest on or nearby the water: paddle boarding, surfing, sailing, kayaking and swimming. She has experienced and values the restorative power of spending time in nature. She is also passionate about capturing these experiences in nature through the lens of her camera. This is Lindsey’s first year as a member of the PFA team. She is excited to use adventure as a way to expand the delivery of Occupational Therapy services and to promote accessibility in engaging in adventure to ALL.

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Jeannette is one of the fundraising coordinators for PFA. She works as an Early Childhood Educator in the Langley area. She has been married to Mike for 40 years and has 2 sons and 2 granddaughters. Her oldest son Simon has a disability and has been involved with paddling since he was in his teens. The family used to travel to Deep Cove each summer for him to have the opportunity. We were thrilled when Power For All came to Langley and Simon started to paddle locally.

Opportunities are given to so many that might otherwise miss out. There are improvements in physical and mental health. She has seen a sense of fun and adventure when clients engage in adventure.  She joined the board of directors for PFA a couple of years ago and she is honoured to be part of an organization that strives to provide these opportunities.

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Lucy  is the community outreach coordinator. She served as a Delegate for the United Nations, and served as a diplomat for 20 years in a variety of countries. She is an active volunteer in charity, civic and cultural organizations including Habitat for Humanity in San Francisco, Hope International, The Canadian Cancer Society, the Guatemalan Fraternity in Vancouver, Christmas and Community Parade in The City of Langley, Terry Fox Foundation in Langley and Power for All. Lucy loves to travel, kayak, snowshoe, read, and take walks beside the ocean whenever possible. She loves seeing individuals in the community feeling enabled and having access to the activities they enjoy the most. Power For All seeks to provide access to All, I am happy to be part of this organization.

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We look forward to connecting with you.

The PFA team!