Children and Youth Programs


Occupational Therapy Assessments

Our occupational therapists can assist you with assessments and consultation. A report or letters can be produced for sharing with any members of the health care team that you deem necessary. Our assessment results are meant to assist you as you continue in the journey of advocating for the success of your child. Our OTs can also join you at IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meetings or any other meetings where the interventions recommended need to be implemented into your child’s day. Contact us to arrange a time to connect and review the variety of options available to you!

Sensory Enhanced Movement for Self-Regulation and Trauma Program! 

Is your child/youth struggling with self-regulation, sensory processing and/or motor difficulties at home and school?

This program takes place over 9-10 weeks and it implements sensory enhanced and trauma aware practices to help children and youth to learn about regulation and trauma healing. The program includes a variety of sensory enhanced activities with our occupational therapist while children and youth learn the basics of self-regulation and stress management. The basics of interoception are learned as this is the cornerstone of developing self-regulation skills.

This program is designed for children/youth with anxiety, mental health challenges and/or conditions, recovering from trauma and chronic stress. We invite all participants to sign up only for the entirety of the program in order to be able to progress through the curriculum and to be able to fully embody the content learned. We will meet during a weekday afternoon in a group of 4 children or youth at a time.

Printing and Fine Motor program! 

Is your kiddo struggling with zippers, cutting, legible printing, a functional grip? If your answer is yes to any of the above, this 9 week program is just for your child/youth.

Your child will engage in a variety of experiential activities in an evidence based program that will help him/her to develop fine motor and printing skills. All children need to sign up for the entirety of the program. We will meet during a weekday afternoon in a group of 4 children or youth at a time.

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We hope to be able to offer our programs this winter. Please connect with us to inquire further.  


Why is all the paper work required?

Power For All programs are structured as occupational therapy groups for all clients to pursue therapeutic goals through accessing adventure. The questions asked in each form advise us as to the kind of adaptations and/or compensating devices we will use for each client. We learn about you, your needs, and your level of ability and function, so that we can more appropriately individualize your program.

What should I bring to my Initial Assessment appointment?

We value collaboration with other members of your treatment team. We also want to provide continuity of care in the work we do. Any previous reports indicating diagnosis, recommended strategies and interventions are highly encouraged to bring to your initial assessment appointment.

Who looks at the paper work? 

Trained and certified occupational therapists contracted to work for PFA will look at your paper work to guide and tailor resources to best meet your needs. They are the only ones authorized to look at your forms. Paddling buddies only receive the instructions and guidance related to the services each client will need. They only learn about the information relevant to ensure the success of each client in our sessions (i.e. types of transfer a client will need, types of support, any side effects of medications related to sun exposure, etc.)

When is the paper work due?

All paper work is required to be submitted and completed at least one week prior to the scheduled sessions. Late submission of paper work will result in a client not being able to attend the program. We require all the paper work so we can best prepare all the equipment, staff and volunteers necessary to ensure success and safety for all involved.

When do we show up for each session?

The time for each session has been especially arranged and reserved for each client.  We require everyone to show up on time so we can offer the full session to all participants. We are not able to make up any time missed due to being late nor finish sessions late.  We also do not recommend that clients show up more than 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled time to avoid too much waiting around, which may result in getting bored and/or impatient. Showing up on time is the best practice for everyone! Clients with different seating adaptations, will connect with staff to see when to come prior to the session.

What should I bring for each session?

This information is provided with you in the paper work package along with a map and directions to our site.

What can affect the length or distance clients travel in a session?

Adventures in the outdoors entail a great balance between measuring the risk for each participant and the fun that each participant is meant to have. Safety conditions on the water are always influenced by the weather (wind, rain, etc.) as well as the conditions of the river or ocean that we paddle in (speed of the current, water levels, etc.). We truly appreciate your flexibility and trust in our expertise as we guide each client through his/her session to ensure safety. Sometimes this guidance may involve paddling near to shore and a short distance only, other times, it may involve finishing a session earlier to avoid major incidents or hazards for clients.

What’s the refund policy?

We work really hard to reserve your spot; others are denied admission to our program due to limited spots. It is important for us that cancellations only occur due to an emergency or unexpected circumstances, otherwise payment for session is required when we are not notified at least one week in advance. In the event that Power For All has to cancel the session due to inclement weather or other circumstances compromising safety, we will provide opportunities for re-scheduling, if this is not possible, then as a last resort, a refund will be issued back to you. Refunds are rare and only will occur if rescheduling is not available. Should a refund be granted, a processing fee will be applied before the refund is returned.