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There are thousands of children/youth who have had a treatment team support them at school throughout the school year. As the school year ends, these children will have no continuity in their treatment, progress may be stalled and September will be the time to start all over again. Why should this be? We would love to see these children/youth with physical, cognitive and psycho-social challenges attend an engaging summer camp where this need is addressed. Our services are delivered by an occupational therapist, we work with any other professionals that are part of each child’s/youth’s treatment team. The idea is to continue to encourage each child to meet treatment goals and to continue to develop by using a fun and engaging sport such as kayaking and paddle boarding. Some of the examples of the most common diagnosis we work with are: Developmental Coordination Disorder, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Learning Disabilities, Down Syndrome, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Muscular Dystrophy, etc. What is the cost? average is $50 per session but we would love to have bursaries available for 100 children/youth because finances SHOULD NOT be a determinant of health outcomes.

Power for All is a registered charity that has been providing services to clients in the Fraser Valley for 15 years. All of the work that we do, from board members to therapists and adventure buddies is 100% from volunteer efforts so that we can channel all profits to serving clients. Every $600 donated to PFA provides a client with an initial assessment and 4 sessions to carry out their rehabilitation plan. Our clients work in a variety of goals related to physical, mental, psycho-social and cognitive domains. Our clients range in age from 4 years old to senior ages. We provide services in four locations: South Surrey, Fort Langley, Delta and Abbotsford.

As a private donor you can choose to make a financial donation and/or donate services or products to our annual fundraiser every November. We have a raffle and draws for participants who attend these annual fundraising events.

We are able to provide a charity receipt as a registered Canadian charity for financial donations and if you are moved to also donate a basket or any products for our annual fundraiser, when you provide a letter stating the value of the products or services, we can also provide a tax receipt for that type of donation.

We could not do the work that we do and serve so many clients without partners in the community. In exchange for your kind donation, we advertise our partnership on our website for a whole year for the community to see where you invest your profits.

Thank you for joining and believing in the work we do!

Join the movement, enable ability one adventure at a time by donating today.

In exchange for your kind donation, we advertise our partnership on our website for a whole year for the community to see where you invest your profits. We can use your name or keep it anonymous as per your preference.

Every dollar helps to make therapy available for those who cannot afford it and need it!