Power for All builds partnerships with community organizations to provide occupational services to child care centers, preschools, schools, universities, Parks and Recreation Boards, not-for-profit and for profit organizations providing services to individuals with a variety of abilities. Special training sessions and experiences or consultation services can be provided upon request. We approach occupational therapy from a holistic, nature-based, experiential, collaborative and neurodiversity affirming lens.

Motor/Printing For The Classroom

Audience: Any classroom teachers that want to learn and facilitate FM/printing centers in their classrooms.

Audience: Staff that will facilitate these types of groups, centers in the classroom or any program. It is recommended that at least 2 staff members are trained to facilitate pullout groups in the school/program/classroom so there is always a backup if one member of staff is sick. Three is best.

Total: 3 hours recommended; a 1.5 hour can be arranged but many foundational concepts are missed!

Session 1 – 1.5 hours Break 15 minutes!

Session 2 – 1.5 hour

Universal Design for Physical Literacy

How do we teach physical literacy? What are the main aspects of teaching Physical Literacy?

How do you set up programs and activities to be accessible to a variety of abilities?

This workshop provides evidence-based resources, activities, and principles to know how to adapt activities for all lessons.

Total: 2 hrs.

Universal Design for Physical Activity and Recreation

An experiential workshop with some content where you will explore Universal Design (UD) principles and their application to physical activity and community recreation. Learn how UD can support children and youth achievement in community recreation. Discover practical and local resources that will empower your practice as you enable children and youth of diverse abilities to engage on a journey of lifelong health and wellness.

Practitioners will explore a variety of communication and program adaptations. And experience a variety of practice labs with different sports and rec activities.

This is a 3-hour workshop. Participants come away with games/activities planned for their camps that are accessible to all.

Parent Education and Coaching

All our workshops are also available to be offered to parent groups and parent education or coaching workshops.

Just let us know your needs to work out a tailored option for your group or organization.

Gross Motor Development

This is an extension of the FM development workshop. Development in children starts around the core (proximally) and extends to the fingers (distally). When we want to address FM skills, we need to begin by addressing gross motor skills first (running, jumping, balancing, crawling, rhythmic activities, bilateral coordination, body awareness, etc.).

Ideas on formats, activities, centers for classrooms/programs are taught in this workshop.

Length: 2 hours

Sensory Enhanced Learning Environment Design

Teachers and instructors can sign up for an environment makeover deluxe package. This means that they will obtain a kit to design their classroom environment, seating tools, fidgets, lighting, sound/acoustic tools, and many other tools. Students who are outliers in these classrooms will get a self-regulation profile for each kiddo so that school and future teachers, family, and community members can implement the same tools for students. Sensory aware and trauma sensitive evidence based strategies are learned to implement in the classroom.

There are four components of a deluxe package:

Professional Development for Staff
The training is 2 sessions of 2 hours each.

Environment Scan and Makeover
Teachers participating in classroom makeover will arrange to meet weekly or bi-weekly with OT. It is preferred that 2-3 sessions are arranged for the observation of the use of space, planning and designing of the new environment. It is recommended that 2 or 3 teachers in the organization meet with OT to design the environment.

Coaching with OT
OT can also offer 2 coaching sessions to roll out self-regulation programs in the classroom for teachers or instructors. A day or two to change the environment and arrange all new furniture and tools also needs to be arranged with

OT. Organization Budget and Purchasing
Organization should share with OT budget availability for the purchase of a variety of sensory tools to address needs for sensory and motor integration.

Nature Based Learning for Self-Regulation and Trauma Growth

An experiential workshop with some content where you will explore the main principles and their application to offering nature-based programming to children and youth. Learn how nature-based programming can support children and youth achievement in community.

Discover practical and local resources that will empower your practice as you enable children and youth to connect to the Land and engage on a journey of lifelong health and wellness.

Workshop 2 hours, need outside space for experiential labs.

Specialized Services

Screenings for whole classrooms or groups are also available upon request. Some of our most popular offerings are: Kindergarten screenings, Motor development screens for programs/groups, etc.

Adaptive Nature based activities like paddling, hiking, snowshoeing, sensory enhanced yoga, etc.

Self-Regulation and Motor Development programs that take place 8-12 weeks specially designed for your organization and/or cohorts.

Back Care and Ergonomics for Staff health and wellness.

Other ideas, just let us know and we will work with you to bring evidence-based strategies that will enrich what you offer to children and youth.